Name Gender Age State BornMonth DiedCause of DeathOccupation
Sarah Aiken Female 50 TN May Dropsy ~
Thomas Aikman Male 26 Al July Consumption Teacher
George W. Barker Male 11 mos. NC July Diarrhea ~
Sarah Bayless Female 38 TN December Dropsy ~
Charles Black Male 10 mos. TN September Croup ~
James Cochran Male 8 mos. TN June Fever ~
Ruth Goodman Female 60 VA September Apoplexy ~
David Greenway Male 55 TN June Fever ~
Mary Hackney Female 1 TN August Flux ~
Henry Hicks Male 21 TN July Congestive Fever ~
Moses Hooper Male 55 NC July Brain Inflamation ~
Hannah Hamontree Female 27 TN June Consumption ~
Alex Humphreys Male 55 TN June Pneumonia ~
John Humphreys Male 5 TN May Croup ~
Robert Humphreys Male 8 mos. TN May Liver Aflection ~
Delilah Jones Female 21 TN August Fever ~
Lavinia Jones Female 37 TN January Fits ~
Jacob Kegley Male 40 VA June Typhoid Fever ~
Kathrine Kegley Female 17 VA June Typhoid Fever ~
Mary Malcoms Female 26 TN May Cold ~
John McCall Male 44 TN August Dropsy ~
Elvira McGhee Female 4 TN March Fits ~
Elijah Orr Male 82 PA November Old Age ~
William Pugh Male 77 TN January Fever Mechanic
Albert Robinson Male 22 TN October Typhoid Fever ~
Samuel Saffell Male 72 TN September Poison ~
Jane Shanks Female 84 VA January Old Age ~
Chaney Spate Female 44 TN July Fever ~
Malsina Sterling Female 43 TN June Consumption Farmer
Claiborn Stone Male 19 TN July Congestive Fever ~
Tailor Stone Male 1 TN March Inflamed Bowels ~
Elim Taylor Female 30 TN June Consumption ~
Joel Williams Male 7 mos. TN March Unknown ~

These records were transcribed by and so kindly submitted for our use by Kamy Rayburn Gamble.

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