Lynchburg, Moore County, Tennessee Post Office

Dr. J. N. Taylor, the present able and obliging postmaster in Lynchburg, has the honor of being the first postmaster appointed under the new administration by Postmaster General Vilas. His commission dates early in April 1885. At present writing (June, 1886) Lynchburg contains the following business houses:

J. L. Bryant & Co., general store and millinery store, the latter superintended by Mrs. M. J. Morgan;
Dr. S. E. H. Dance & Son, drugstore;
Parks & Evans, saloon;
Billingsley & Bailey, general store;
Parks, Taylor & Co., general store;
Waggoner & Houghton, general store;
Tolley & Eaton, wholesale liquor dealers, warehouse;
Tolley & Bedford, pork packers;
Mcdowell & Son, undertakers;
M. F. McGregor, carriage manufacturer;
Warren & Co., blacksmith shop;
J .H. Warren, wagon maker;
J. W. Stafford, saddles and harness;
W. J. Walker, and George Daniel, colored boot and shoe shops;
Wash. Chrisman, colored, barber shop;
Dance & Waggoner, merchant mills;
Jack Daniels, distillery;
G. G. Mitchell, tannery;
Colsher Brothers, cooper shop;
Allison & Moore, first class livery, sale and feed stable.

The town has two good hotels, one conducted by Mrs. McClellan and the other by Mrs. Salmon. There are two good schools and five churches, one Primitive Baptist, one Methodist Episcopal South, one Christian, and two colored churches, one Methodist and the other Christian. The population is about 350.

The municipal officers
R. A. Parks, mayor;
J. T. Bickley, recorder;
M. L. Parks, treasurer;
A. R. Hinkle, T. F. Roughton, S. M. Alexander, W. H. Colsher, aldermen;
H. R. Blythe, town marshal.

The first house in Marble Hill was built by Allen Johnson, about 1835. It stood alone about ten years, and has been occupied, in order of time, by Allen Johnson, John J. Angel, Dr. Thomison, Mrs. Cole and Jacob Tipps, the present occupant. The first business house was built by Allen Johnson about 1844. About 1855 three other business houses, general stores, were erected by Robert Wiseman and John Whitfield, William Whitfield and Isaac Parks. Also, there were erected two saddler shops, two shoe shops, two blacksmith shops; one of the latter was run by Thomas & John Graves, the other by "Pink" Cole. Over a dozen dwelling houses were built about the same time (1855). R. Richardson & Co. have erected the only business house since the war. There are two churches, one large schoolhouse, two doctors, Drs. Ferass and Tripp. The town was nearly destroyed during the war. County Line contains one distillery (Tolley & Eaton's), one school, two churches, two general stores, a blacksmith shop and post office. Ridgeville contains one general store, one school, one church and a blacksmith-shop. Charity contains one general store, two churches and a blacksmith shop.

Moore County

Moore County, Goodspeed's History of Tennessee 1887


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